Order shipping

Once your order has been confirmed by you, you will get an order information e-mail first. After we have checked availability and payment you will receive a confirmation.
If something was wrong, you will be noticed by an e-mail explaining the situation and how it could be fixed.
All items will be shipped directly from our shop. You will get updating e-mail with the status of your order and can be also checked by contacting our Customer’s Service.
Delivery time changes according to your location, customs delays and so on. We are not responsible of such as delays.

Cancel the order
You can cancel any order before it has been processed by our shop. After that, you can return it. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Service available from Monday to Friday from 12PM to 7AM (local time).


We ship to almost any country by Currier from Monday to Friday. The shipping cost is calculated when confirming the order. In order to get an estimation, PRICE LIST ACCORDING TO EACH COUNTRY.

Customs duties are not included on our prices. It may be applied when delivering or later on according to each country policy. Please inquire us if you have some questions or contact the shipper office in your country to get more accurate information.

Shipping to USA
Importing from EU may need an identification number IRS, EIN or SSN. You have a week to submit that information. Please contact the shipper to get more information.
Returns and refunds

We offer free collection for returns to our customer. You have till 14 days from the delivery date to return your order.
Please follow the steps to get a free collection:
1. Go to SUUS and click on “My account”
2. Under “Orders”, click “Reserve a return with Collection in my address” along with the order you want to return.
3. Select the item you want to return in case your order included more than one item, and follow the stops to book and time and confirm the picking address.
4. We will send you an e-mail with the “Return Authorization” (RMA), confirming time and address with a reference number and return documents.
5. Print the Return Invoice to be attached to the shipping label outsider the parcel. Please print or download a copy for yourself and note the tracking number.
6. If a Return Invoice is needed for Customs, please, sign it and make sure it goes along with the parcel with the other documents OUTSIDE.
7. Please do not seal the package till the shipper shows up and check the parcel.

Return Policy

Returning items should be conform to our Return Policy here below:
1. The item should be within 14 days after the delivery date back in our shop.
2. We recommend booking our Free Collection service within 7 days after the delivery time to make sure the 14 days time will be accomplished. Please contact our Customer Service if you have some question.
3. You can only use the above service when returning from the same country.
4. Once your return has been delivered in our shop and we check items are in good conditions, we will refund using the same way of payment your order has been made.
5. Please make sure items are packed as original, with labels and bags.
6. All items must be returned new, in good conditions and with the original packaging and inside the same box we used for shipping.
7. If items come with a safety sticker, please do not remove to assure you will be refunded.
8. Returned order will be refunded for the amount paid without shipping cost when using our free collection service (it means that picking is free but shipping has a cost to be covered by the customer if otherwise stated)


If you wish to exchange the item, you need to return the item and place a new order.

You can contact our Customer Service to ask to put on hold the item to be exchanged.
You will be refunded for the returned item and charge for the new one.


Once the shop has received the item back, we will refund you by the same payment method that the order has been paid. Refunds may take 14 working days. Returned item or order will be refunded excluding shipping cost. Please beware that clearing local customs may take longer sometimes. Our store cannot control this step of the return process and takes no responsibilities for any delay due to this situation.