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individual sentiments : Main clothing collection. The whole of the fabrics are Made in Japan by finest factories and often exclusively made for individual co ltd. The production is entirely Made in Japan.

Yoko Ito Born in Japan 1998~2006 Lives and works in Italy After experiencing as design assistants with brands in and out of Italy, she joins “1piu’1uguale3”, based in Perugia, Italy. Studied and trained under Maurizio Altieri. 2008/2 individual sentiments 1st collection 2009/1 individual sentiments PARIS 1st presentation.

METAPHYSICAL APPROACH Perception–that comes from experience in the real world. Inspiration–that comes from deep within the human mind. We design from the basic concept of the material and the Interaction of perception and inspiration. Garments and shoes are appealing to all the human senses Vision for enjoying colors and structure, Hearing for sensing the vitality of the sound of materials in motion , and Touch for sensing the actual vitality inherent in the fabric in front of us. individual sentiments aims to help arouse special emotions and feelings that are usually hidden and to provide a chance for mutual understanding between people, which will help to contribute to the co-evolution of culture and art.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items